When words become unclear,
I shall focus with photographs

Why you should come to EPS14?

Are you really asking for a reason?

- 20hrs of workshops, 40 speaker to inspire you, Free shooting, mentoring, photography / videography meet-ups and more to satisfy your inner hungry creative artist.

- many Discussion panel to open dialogue between attendees and professional photographers.

- The world's leading photography brands will be exhibiting their products throughout the entire EPS 2014 event in the public area of the AUC Greek Campus. These brands will offer exclusive discounts for the EPS. Also, the attendees will have the opportunity to try the latest professional photography tools, and benefit from other useful services including equipment rentals and free sensor cleaning.”

Visit the best speakers in the industry

meet our innovative, Award winning photographers and Inspiring speakers for loads of fun and knowledge for full 2 days and many workshops and activities.

Find new connections for your business

- Connect with your fellow photographers, Fans, and potential clients in a dedicated arena for all photo-fans and talented artists from Egypt and more!

- A large space will be offered to photographers at the exhibition area to showcase their work and connect for business.

- Attendees from all related industries (photographers, videographers, stylists, directors, models, advertising industry leaders and the photography community groups)

Have fun and take more photos

-Double the fun by taking more photos than you ever did in 2 days. get mentored and critiqued, and stay tuned for the closing ceremony, who knows maybe you turn to be a winner too.

- don’t miss the Shutter Crowd – the biggest open photo session experience where all EPS attendees will comes together to shoot. Models will be walking the runway ready for a photo shoot.

Big thanks to our partners

When words become unclear,
I shall focus with photographs